Welcome to TJ husbil & Fritid AB!

Our mission is that you should have a nice and comfortable holliday. Our mobile homes is modern and ready to take you and your famly to an unforgetable vacation, eatherway you travel to the sun and beach, or planning a nice trip to the ski slope.
For your information, we have listed the most important things to know:

  • Look in the booking calendars to see when your favorite car is avilable. From June 24 to August 11 2019, the rental is in  7 days intervals. During the rest of the year, it´s possbile to rent from 3 days and more.
  • Pick up time is in the afternoon and return is in the morning. You will get the exact time for pick up and return a few weeks before the rental period.
  • Drive wher you want! If you let us know, you are free to drive in most European contries. For every week you rent, 2000 km is included and 300 km fore verey day if you don´t rent a whole week. Of course you can drive more, but then there is a fee of SEK 2,50 for every extra km. The fuel is not icluded in the price. If you will drive outside Sweden, please let us know at leaast one week before your trip. Are you planning to drive to Norway? Please register for road tolls at www.epcplc.com/rental..
  • All the cars have kitchen-ware for 5-6 persons. Four your luxuary, it´s possbile t also rent beddings, towels, outside furniture and more. Gas for the fridge and stove is included in the rental fee.
  • You are not allowed to smoke inside the vehicles, and you are not allowed to bring your pet if you haven´t rented a vehicle especially for that. Unfortunately, we can´t garantee that the vehicles are safe to use for an allergic person.
  • With a driving license that is the same as Swedish class B, you are allowed to drive all the vehicles with a maximal weight of 3500 kg.
  • When you send us a booking request, we will get back to you with answer within a few days. When we have confirmed your booking, we will send you an invoice for deposit of SEK 5000 that you have to pay within 10 days. The deposit is refunded in about 14 days after thre rental return. An invoice for the rental fee will be sent 2-4 weeks before the rental period.
  • If you have made a booking, you can cancel it within 10 days without any cost. If you want to cancel later, half of the rental fee will be charged if your cancelation is made at leat 15 days before the first rental day.
  • Within 10 days from the booking, you ar able to buy a cancelation cover that brings you hte rental fee back if you or someone in your family get sick or hurt and you wont be able to rent. To get yor money back, you will need a medical certificate.
  • When you return the vehcicle, it should be cleaned inside, and the toilet and waste water tank should be empty. If you want, it´s possilbe to buy that aervice from us, but you need to tell us when you pick up the vehicle. See all prices for extra services here.
  • When you pick up the vehicle we make a contract where alla damages should be noticed. If you damage the vehicle we will charge you according to the current price list. Please notice that the rental person have to pick up the vehicle.
  • Read Our terms and conditions here. Please note that the terms and conditions sometimes changes. The terms and conditions that is on the rental contract at the first rental days is the one that regulate your rental.
  • The rental person must be a fysical person, even if a company pay the invoice.
  • TJ Husbil & Fritid AB have permission from Transportstyrelsen to rent out vehicles